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The Story of Christine Thayer

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Christine is a beautiful black woman, married to Cameron Thayer, a successful Television director and Buddhist. Her life seems to be happy and fulfilled due to her relatively privileged upbringing and her husband’s rich income compared to many other African Americans in L.A.

The two are in their big black SUV one night when they are pulled over by Officer Ryan who incriminates Christine for giving oral sex to her husband while driving. She cannot believe the Officer’s accusation and becomes furious with her husband as well because he does not do anything to defend her when Officer Ryan strip-searches her in a humiliating way. She feels discriminated both by Officer Ryan and her husband Cameron. Being at home she becomes more angry and cannot understand her husband because of his passivity while she was being molested. She intends to report the incident to the police.

On the next day Christine tries to talk to Cameron but fails. She cries and tells him that she is not able to bear the humiliating incident. She leaves the Studio in her car. Being on the highway she cannot concentrate on the traffic, drives inattentively and finally causes a terrible car accident. Her car overturns and she is trapped inside her wrecked car which is about to burst into flames. Officer Ryan, by a twist of fate, arrives at the scene and struggles to rescue her. At the moment Christine does not accept his help because she discovers that he is the man who molested her the other day. Her eye contact finally expresses her surprising gratitude to Ryan. Being at home and rescued Cameron calls her, apologizes and approves his love to her.

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home About Hinweise Christine Thayer