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The Story of Jean Cabot

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Jean is the good looking wife of Rick Cabot, the white District Attorney of LA. All day long she telephones with her snobby friends and complains about the people around her who have a different skin color than she has - about the Latino locksmith who works hard but cannot satisfy with his work, her Hispanic maid who, because of lots of other jobs, forgets to empty the dishwasher etc. While her husband pretends to be racially sensitive in order to reassure his voters about his loyalty. Jean is afraid about everybody who is not white. She does not trust anybody. Her racial prejudice escalates after a car jacking accident initiated by blacks.

During one of her numerous phone calls she slips on the top step at the Cabot’s home and tumbles down the stairs. Maria, her recently fired Hispanic maid is the only person who helps her out. Jean realizes that Maria is the only person among her many 'friends' who cares for her. Jean openly confirms her gratitude and love to Maria in the end: "I love you, Maria."

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home About Hinweise Jean Cabot