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The Story of John Ryan

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Officer John Ryan is a bigoted white police officer who physically molests Cameron's wife Christine under the pretense of searching for a weapon after pulling over their vehicle and accusing them of endangerment due to Christine performing fellatio on Cameron while he was driving.

Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to get help for his father, who possibly suffers from prostate cancer but has been diagnosed with a bladder infection, despite the ineffectiveness of treatment. His anger manifests in prejudice, as is evident when he exhibits a racist attitude towards an HMO employee preventing his father from seeing an out of network, non-HMO physician.

His racial prejudices seem to stem from the destructive impact that local affirmative action policies had on his father's business. After Hansen requests solo patrol, Ryan is partnered with a Hispanic-American with whom he seems to get along.

Ryan later puts his own life on the line to save Christine, the woman he molested earlier, from certain death in a fiery car wreck.

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home About Hinweise John Ryan