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The Story of Peter Waters

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The 20-year old Peter Waters is detective Waters’ younger brother and Anthony’s friend and partner in crime. He likes hip-hop and country music and knows much about black activists. Like Anthony, he is black, but he is not as paranoiac over racism as his friend. It is said that there exists an arrest warrant against Peter because of carjacking in three times. Peter knows this and wants to back out of all of this. But he realizes that it is not as easy.

At one night the two friends accidentally run over an Asian man who gets stuck under their car. It is Peter who convinces Anthony to bring the injured man to the emergency entrance of a hospital.

Peter always turns out to be the more intelligent and reasonable of the two although he has not found his way in life yet. His mother misses him very much and accuses Detective Waters, Peter’s elder brother, for Peter’s ‘fate’.

Finally, Peter tries to hitch a ride and is given a lift by Hansen. By a twist of fate, when Peter reaches into his pocket to show Hansen the statuette of Saint Christopher, Hansen assumes he is drawing a gun and shoots him. Peter’s life comes to an end much too early because of a very tragic ‘crash’.

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home About Hinweise Peter Waters