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The Story of Rick Cabot

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Rick Cabot is the white District Attorney of Los Angeles. He and his wife Jean are carjacked by Anthony and Peter, both of whom are black. Subsequently the Brentwood resident tries to save his political career by reassuring voters that he is racially sensitive. His character is never depicted as openly bigoted, making his racial stance ambiguous.

In the beginning he acts like the caring husband who calms down his wife after the attack by Peter and Anthony. May be he does, but as he yells at his African-American assistant when she tells him about an Iraq man who she suggests to play the hero to save Cabot's votes, his real character is revealed. Then it is for sure that he is a cold person. The voters are more important to him than any crime case,  the truth or even as his wife's feelings.

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home About Hinweise Rick Cabot