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The Story of Thommy Hanson

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Officer Thommy Hanson is a Los Angeles police officer who, after observing his partner Officer John Ryan pull over Cameron Thayer and Christine Thayer and sexually molest Christine, requests a change of partner because of feelings of guilt over the incident. His supervisor, Lieutenant Dixon, tells him he will transfer him if he claims his "uncontrollable flatulence" requires him to drive a one man car.

The next day, after he presumably files the request, he is reassigned to a single man patrol car. While on patrol he joins a police chase of Cameron Thayer, who was being car jacked, but fought off his carjackers and is fleeing the scene with one carjacker still in the car. After driving into a dead end Cameron, now resentful of the LAPD, confronts the police officers. Tommy jumps in front of Cameron and tries to convince him to stand down to avoid a confrontation which could possibly result in Cameron's death. He then vouches for Cameron, stating that he is a friend of his, and asks the officers to let Cameron off with a "harsh warning," which they do.

Thommy is later seen driving in his car when he picks up Peter Waters, who is hitch-hiking. He ultimately reveals his own insecurities with other races (African-Americans in particular) through his treatment of Peters Waters and how he quickly dismisses Waters' attempts to compare similarities between them. He pulls over when he assumes that Peter is laughing at him, and tells him to get out of the car. As Peter reaches into his pocket, Tommy wrongly assumes that Peter is reaching for a hidden gun, and shoots him dead. He removes the dead Peter from the car to cover up the incident.

We later see Peter, who is revealed to be the brother of Graham Waters, dead in the grass near where Tommy pulled over. Finally, we see Tommy walking away from his burning car wearing a pair of latex gloves, trying to conceal his involvement in the shooting.

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



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