L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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This overview will guide you through the L.A. Crash Filmschool. Each step contains several tasks. All tasks will be explained in detail once you start working with it.

Step 1

... is more or less a general intro. It deals with people and cultures in L.A., introduces you to film analysis and its general terms and tells you some brief info about the movie Crash. Additionally, some tasks will guide you to the actual themes of Crash.

Step 2

Now you should actually watch the whole movie. Meanwhile, you will be asked to follow certain characters, to analyse the work of the director or the actors and actresses, etc.

Step 3

... like step 2, it also deals with so-called while-viewing and additionally with post-viewing tasks. That means that you are only able to work them out if you are familiar with the content of the film, but also its background and terms of film analysis. The tasks of Step 3 cover three topics:

  • Narrative structure of the film, e.g. the point-of-view, mode of narration, etc.
  • Film techniques, e.g. episodic film, effects, music, lighting, etc.
  • Transcultural issues, the crash of the cultures and the representation of different ethnicities, etc.

Step 4 (experimental)

... was designed to intensively link the themes of the film with yourself and the society you live in. Thus, you will be asked to create a multi-genre paper, a personal and individual project which can be comprised of any of the following: a written text, a short film, a sculpture, a painting or else in order to apply the film's basic message to the everyday connection to your own world.




Home Start 4 Steps 2 Go