L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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Home Start Introduction


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Film and Score 

You need to have full access to the complete movie and the original soundtrack of Crash. There is no need to buy the DVD and soundtrack - which is also called the 'score' for everyone in the class. The film and appropriate scenes can be watched in groups. The same goes for the score.

Please don't watch the movie until you're asked to do so. Otherwise, a lot of tasks might be not as useful as intended.

Note: Crash is the original title of the film. For the German audience it was slightly altered to L.A. Crash. This is often done with foreign film titles to make them more suitable for the corresponding audience.


We have provided various tasks for you. Choose those that are plausible and interesting to you and which help you to deepen your understanding of the film.  We'll leave it up to you whether you write your answers on paper or use a word processor, as long as you keep your material together. You will be asked to re-consider your results later on.

The following symbols will guide you through the tasks of the L.A. Crash Filmschool:


You need the Crash DVD for these tasks


You need the Crash score for these tasks


Read or download a text


Write your own text

Individual Task

Do this task on your own

Partner Work

Work together with a partner

Group Work

Work in a group

You can do almost all of the tasks on your own, with a partner or in a group. We encourage you to do the tasks with a partner or in groups from time to time. This will give you the opportunity to actually talk about your findings.

Crash Folder

We suggest starting your own Crash folder - digital and/or paper - in which you can put all material and all your written answers and essays. Print out the current page you are working on or save it as a pdf. You'll always find the buttons to do so in the top, right corner. There is no need to write or copy the texts or tasks down.

Open the print version of the current page.

Save the current page as pdf.

How to start

The L.A. Crash Filmschool is divided into 4 steps. Please proceed from step 1 to 4. It's up to you which tasks you actually do. You can start here ... 4 Steps 2 Go



Home Start Introduction