L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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Step 1

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Step 1 is more or less a general intro. It deals with people and cultures in L.A., introduces you to film analysis and its general terms and tells you some brief info about the movie Crash. Additionally, some tasks will guide you to the actual themes of Crash.

The work is divided into the following chapters:

Step 1 - Chapter 1:
People and Cultures

This chapter focuses on the US and the city of Los Angeles itself. History, immigration and metropolitan lifestyle are covered in this chapter.

Step 1 - Chapter 2:
Film Analysis
The language of film and terms of film analysis are explained in this chapter.

Step 1 - Chapter 3:
Crash - The Movie
You are introduced to the movie by the credits, by information on cast and characters and by the official trailer of Crash.

Step 1 - Chapter 4:
Approaching Crash

The final chapter of step 1 offers some more tasks before you actually start watching the movie. They will lead you to the main theme of the movie. Those tasks deal with film posters, the trailer, and the opening scene.




Home Step 1