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Home Step 1 1.1 People and Cultures

1.1 People and Cultures

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This chapter focuses on the US and the city of Los Angeles itself. History, immigration and metropolitain lifestyle are covered in this chapter.


Some tasks require you to download and read a text, others ask you to give answers to particular questions. You can do the tasks on your own, with a partner or in a group. Just have a look and find out what iis interesting to you. Click on the tasks to start or choose one from the navigation bar on the left.

  1. Spotlight on the USA - L.A.
  2. A brief History of L.A.
  3. Making of a Multicultural Metropolis
  4. Multiculturalism in L.A.
  5. Food - A Culinary Journey through L.A.
  6. Issues


Home Step 1 1.1 People and Cultures