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Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis

1.2 Film Analysis

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In order to develop your film literacy, you need to understand a certain film language. You will find lots of useful information on the web. There are several links to websites that are useful for getting a general intro as well as for a glossary. You'll find them in the Glossary section. Again, you can do the tasks on your own, with a partner or in a group.

Film literacy

... is the ability to 'read' (and 'write') film which is to express and share meanings with people. Film literacy means to be able ...

  • to perceive (see) and differentiate visual information (Sehverstehen) > film as visual medium
  • to aesthetically and critically analyze (close 'reading'/'viewing') > film as an aesthetical text
  • to 'read' film in terms of cultural studies (intercultural learning) > film as cultural product
  • to act intentionally in the foreign language > film as communication stimulus

This chapter offers the following tasks:

  1. What is film?
  2. Episodic Film
  3. Glossary
  4. Impact of film
  5. Film production


Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis