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Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis Episodic Film

Episodic Film

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Task 1: Download and read the text "Film Puzzles - Episodenfilme im Fremdsprachenunterricht".

Task 2: Collective story film, multi plot film, anthology film, composite film, omnibus film and portmanteau film are different terms for an episodic film. We will stick to the last term here. Define the term episodic film in your own words.

Task 3: Explain the two types of episodic films. Why would a director choose this structure for a film? Give a well-known example for each type.

Task 4: Can you think of additional themes or topics for episodic films besides those mentioned in the text? Give reasons for your answer.




Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis Episodic Film