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Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis What is Film?

What is Film?

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Task 1: Read the intro "What is film ..." underneath.

What is film / moving pictures / motion pictures?

A term to describe a particular material of communication (certain properties/guided by physical laws ...). Traditional films are made up of a series of individual images called frames. When these images are shown rapidly in succession, a viewer has the impression that motion is actually taking place.

A particular medium of communication (both a single work and a body/complex of works). The visual elements of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication.

Cultural artifact
Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them.

Particular 'text'/art form, a sort of popular entertainment that has ist own 'language'.

Commercial product / mass production / mass consumption / motion picture industry.




Home Step 1 1.2 Film Analysis What is Film?