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Freeze Frames

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Task 1: What kind of character(s) might the actress/the actor(s) portray? What do you find out about the background of the character(s)? What might be her/his role in the movie? How do you react to the characters? Do the characters appear credible to you? Why or why not? Do you like the characters? Why or why not?

Task 2: How is the freeze frame composed? Which technical and stylistic devices does the director employ in order to render the image of the character(s) and what are their effects on you? Pay special attention to lighting, point of view, and camera angles.

(Chapter 1 – 0:05:55)
Detective Graham Waters (Don Cheadle)

(Chapter 2 – 0:08:21)
Anthony (Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, left) and Peter (Larenz Tate, right)

(Chapter 4 – 0:17:34)
Christine (Thandie Newton) and Cameron Thayer (Terrence D. Howard)

(Chapter 10 – 0:08:35)
Officer Thomas Hansen (Ryan Phillippe)

(Chapter 3 – 0:11:52)
Daniel Ruiz (Michael Pena)

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann