L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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Opening Scene

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Task 1: Watch the opening scene only. Alternatively, you can read the transcript of the scene here.

Chapter 1: from 00:01:00 to 00:03:40

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann

Task 2: How do you feel about the clip of the first scene of the movie? What, if anything, caught your attention? Did the clip of the first scene comply with your expectations? How? What may the first images of the credits symbolize?

Task 3: What have you learned about the film title? Are Detective Water's thoughts plausible to you? Why or why not? What specific aspects of life in Los Angeles are dealt with? To what extent are these aspects applicable to your society?


Try to get as much as you can. Don't turn to your own language. We ask you to stick to English. If you struggle understanding the words you can have a look at the transcript of this scene here.