L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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Soundtrack / Score

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Task 1: Have you ever realized after watching a movie that you can hardly remember the score and if so, why do you think that is?

Task 2: Express your ideas about the roles songs, music and sound effects/sounds play in films.

Task 3: Listen to the following tracks of the soundtrack

  1. Track #3 'hands in plain sight' - 0:00 to 1:36
  2. Track #9 'siren' - 0:00 to 1:36
  3. Track #9 'siren' - 1:36 to 3:01

Task 4: How do you react to the music?

Task 5: What do you associate with the music? What kind of mood is created? How is the mood created? What may be happening in the respective scenes? Use a table like this to collect your thoughts.

Track Association
Track #3
[0:00 to 1:36]



Track #9
[0:00 to 1:36]



Track #9
[1:36 to 3:01]