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Home Step 2 2.2 Observe Stereotypes


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Task 1: Whenever you come across stereotypical statements, you might want to write them down. Especially focus on the characters below.

"Crash is about fear of strangers, it's about how everyone hates to be judged but sees no contradiction in judging others."
[ Director/Screenplay writer Paul Haggis in the production notes - source: http://www.movienet.com/crash.html - 9 NOV 2009 ]

"We're not safe from ourselves, we're not safe fom our prejudices or other' prejudices."
[ Actress Sandra Bullock on the themes of the film, CRASH DVD - Bonus Material ]

Anthony - car thief, African-American

Jean Cabot - housewife, Rick Cabot's wife, Caucasian/white

Rick Cabot - District Attorney, Jean Cabot's husband, Caucasian/white

Farhad - shop owner, Persian

Daniel Ruiz - locksmith, Hispanic

John Ryan - police officer, Caucasian/white

Cameron Thayer - television director, African-American

Christine Thayer - Cameron Thayer's wife, African-American

Graham Waters - police detective, Peter Waters' brother, African-American

Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann

[ adapted from Henseler/Möller ] 



Home Step 2 2.2 Observe Stereotypes