L.A. Crash Filmschool

e-learning with the Oscar award-winning movie Crash

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Step 3

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Like Step 2, this step also deals with so-called while-viewing and post-viewing tasks. That means you are only able to work them out if you are familiar with the content of the film, its background and terms of film analysis. The tasks of Step 3 cover three themes and chapters:

Step 3 - Chapter 1
Narrative Structure
... deals with the narrative structure of the film, e.g. the point-of-view, mode of narration, but also with creative tasks that include a role play, etc.

Step 3 - Chapter 2
Film Analysis

... covers all post-viewing tasks that deal with film analysis, such as film techniques, genre, episodic film structures, effects, music, lighting, etc.

Step 3 - Chapter 3
Transcultural Issues
Here you will be asked to discuss the intercultural - also called transcultural - dimension of Crash, i.e. the crash of the cultures and the representation of different ethnicities, etc.




Home Step 3