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Home Step 3 3.2 Film Analysis Sound 2 Scene

Sound 2 Scene

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Task 1: Choose at least one the following three scenes for further analysis of music and sound.

Task 2: Try to remeber the scene(s). Can you describe the music and sound that feature the scene(s)? If not, can you think of a reason why you forgot?

Task 3: How should music and sound be like in the scene(s) according to you?

Task 4: Watch the scene(s) again to compare it to your own findings.

(1) Car Assault
Chapter 2 - 0:09:30 to 0:10:00

(2) Car Accident
Chapter 11 - 1:01:54 to 1:03:37

(3) Car On Fire
Chapter 17 - 1:39:05 to 1:40:21

 Illustrations: © COLOUR RHAPSODY, Irene Themann



Home Step 3 3.2 Film Analysis Sound 2 Scene