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Home Step 4 Multi-Genre Paper

Collaborative Multi-Genre Paper

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Task 1: Read this introduction to a multi-genre paper

Task 2: Choose one of the formats above to respond to CRASH.

Task 3: Your piece can be either print, written, visual, or tactile genre.

Task 4: The genres represented in the class must be original. Printing out someone else's poem, lyric, essay, photo, etc. is not what the it is about. Rather than collecting items to complete your project, you need to create them yourself.

Task 5: All pieces should be assembled and organized in a binder. Art pieces can be photographed and inserted.


A multi-genre paper examines one topic, theme, character, or novel from several perspectives, using several genres.

Each piece (genre) of the paper works in concert with all of the other pieces to form a whole paper. Without all of the pieces included and interlinked, the paper would fall apart. Think of the paper as a collage made up of many pieces or images, that, when joined together in one space, form one unifying image.

Possible genres (almost anything you can think of)

  • newspaper article
  • short story
  • personal/love/formal/business letter (to/from/one of the characters)
  • folk tale
  • last will
  • poem (make it four or more stanzas, can be free verse)
  • song lyrics
  • diary entry
  • beginning or extension to the story (what do you think happened before or after? Were there any characters whose fates were left unresolved or received little attention in the story?)
  • collage
  • painting
  • photograph
  • comic
  • cartoon
  • poster
  • ticket
  • map
  • postcard
  • video
  • homepage
  • greeting card
  • scrap book
  • sculpture
  • stream of consciousness
  • horoscope
  • flyer
  • recipe
  • police report
  • application letter
  • etc.

The idea of the multi-genre paper is taken from the course “Young Adult Literature”, instructed by Dr. Julie Gates at Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas.




Home Step 4 Multi-Genre Paper